A Few Ideas
All our products were designed to be versatile, so you can use them in whatever way you like. This page contains loads of ideas on how to get the best out of the products. Some are ours but the best ones are suggestions from people we have met on our many visits to nurseries!


Use the funky packs to help teach children how to set the table. Buy one set and use them as an activity to show good and bad meals. Use the plain sets as a colour code for dietry needs - green for vegetarian etc. Write children's names on or attach a photograph - children can start to recognise themselves and read their names. Give each child their own placemat - encourage ownership and the need to look after our things.

Cue Cards

Play matching games along with the posters. Buy two packs and play snap. Use the Fruit and Vegetables cards on your menu boards. Create a workshop with the Tool Time cards. Carry a set of Numbers amd Alphabet cards with you. Hang on washing lines. Use as talking points in circle time.Create a cafe with the Foods of the World cards. Give each child a card from the Road Signs set and ask them to look out for them on a local walk. Ask the children to draw pictures to display with the Upper & Lower Alphabet cards. Hang the Flags of the World cards up during the World Cup or Olympics. Improve Vocabulary. Use the Months, Seasons and Days cards on your weather board.

P.S. Don't forget, if you have any ideas, to let us know and we'll post them on here!