Who Are We?
Working Walls is a family business that started in January 2006. We created a small collection of basic literacy and numeracy posters for schools and nurseries. They were designed specifically to suit the needs of young children to help them learn alphabets, numbers, months and seasons. Eye catching designs combined with the simplest content, proved popular with nursery professionals and so our products, and our company grew. We now supply private nurseries, children's centres, several national chains and nursery schools. However, we are proud of the personal service we still provide. For us, as a family company, that's the best part!

Our Aims...

The company was set up with two very simple aims:

1. Provide a reliable, personal service for every customer.

2. Produce quality resources specific to both the needs of children and Early Years Professionals.

What's Next?

This last year has been very hectic indeed. We’ve introduced new products for babies; Danglies and Friezes, extended our languages section and created our new range of Outdoor Learning Boards which are proving to be a real hit!

In the next few months I hope to release three new topics: People Who Help Us (so cute!), Emotions and My Family all of which have been requested by so many people!

This year we also plan to develop our outdoor range! I have loads of ideas for ways to improve learning outdoors, so keep an eye out for new things!

And finally … the much awaited Festivals product is getting there and I hope to have this finished by the end of the year!